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SDR Pro Course

50 Credit hours


A Sales Development Representative plays a key role in every B2B SaaS company that is constantly looking for better deal-flows and customer pipelines. The SDR is responsible for all inbound and outbound customer prospects, cold outreach emails and phone calls, and product presentations/demo sessions when needed. Joining the sales team inside a tech company is a unique opportunity for a long-term career path, with endless mobility and future promotions.
SDR Pro is a comprehensive and a practical up-to-date course, consisting of 50 credit hours. The course provides its graduates with an introduction to the basics of: B2B SaaS sales, prospecting, customer exploration, lead generation and Technology sales techniques.

Additional modules will include the following:

  • Familiarity with the high-tech world,
  • Learning how to create a resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Familiarity with job search platforms
  • Preparation for interviews

The course instructors consist of highly experienced SDR tech managers from the industry.

Target Audience

  • Students of all kinds.
  • Past experience with low-tech sales/marketing/business development is a plus.


  • Proficiency in English – Fluent level.

Requirements from students

  • Attending at least 85% of the meetings.
  • Submission of all assignments.
  • Participation in all stages of the projects and their submission is mandatory.

Obtaining a certificate

  • At the end of the course, upon success (at least 60) the student will receive a certificate from Pro College.

Course format

  • Course / Module content: 17 sessions, 3-4 credit hours in each.


  • ProCollege staff will actively assist the successful graduates to find their 1st Hitech position
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